Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

2017 ~ Year of the Yoni!

I AM so ready to launch my Goddess Yoni Biz!
I AM open to receiving business, financial & career guidance, 
and sincerely appreciative for the generous coaching appearing for me from every person, institution and direction in my life.

I AM completely supported by family, friends, mentors, teachers, healers, spiritual sisters, magnificient moms, awesome aunties, divine daughters, and wonderous wimmin everywhere. I know this is the year for greater peace, love and understanding in the world, 
and my time for contributing my art to this higher vision.

I AM ready to grow, learn and expand this business. I know it is for the highest good of all persons who resonate with the healing, celebratory and empowering energy contained within each sacred symbol’s art, as well as the encouraging quotations that will eventually be accompanying each piece.
I AM clear that this will be an evolving process, with a myriad of emotional components, that will help me connect with others in ways I may never been able to in the past, and will also help me connect even deeper with my own Higher Source within.
I AM grateful for this auspicious opportunity to offer my own gifts, talents and wisdom to the collective feminine energies now surging worldwide for the greatest good of all peoples, everywhere. I know I will be enriched in ways that perfectly reflect my time, training, talent & tithing goals.

I AM healthy, wealthy, & creative.
I AM loved, loving and lovable.
I AM feeling proud (in the highest sense of the word) to offer these 2 new Goddess Yonis, as part of my greeting card series!
They will be available this week and are listed with the others on my Greeting Card page on the home page.
I AM looking forward to being part of the spiritual revolution taking place in the world this year, and as always, being able to connect to the rich river of love, compassion and creativity that flows through me and all my sisters and brothers. I know that we all know the truth, that we are all One, and that we will embrace this knowingness with greater clarity than ever this new year. 
I AM so blessed, and so grateful, for you. 
Many blessings to you and through you.