Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

About Sheron

Sheron Foster is a mixed media artist, water colorist, and pen & ink designer. Having a background in the recovery, healing and spiritual education arenas, she draws from a deep place within to create soothing, yet empowering pieces for the viewers inner immersion with self realization & inner guidance.

Sheron is a graduate of the Kripalu Center for Health and Yoga, and the Kripalu Institute of Ayurveda, and her art is informed by her 25+ years as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. Her expression as an artist is self taught, and arose from using art to heal. She credits art and spiritual creativity with transforming her life.


Goddess Yoni Art, is her signature series. It was created by her basking in the energy of groups of women honoring, healing, loving and empowering each other. Sheron prays for a sacred symbol that represents the high energy of all the women present, and then she uses pen and ink to create a Goddess Yoni based on the primitive diagram of the “Yoni”, which is traditionally depicted as an upright oval shape which surrounds a dot over a line.

By way of her study of yogic & vedic scriptures through the decades, she has always translated ‘Yoni’ as “the Celestial Gateway into this earthly dimension ~ as most every life form births here thru a Yoni.” So to create a ‘Goddess’ Yoni, Sheron transforms the ‘dot’ into a sun or moon, and the ‘line’ becomes the form of an ‘everyday’ Goddess. From there, the Goddess Yoni is taken home to her studio where it is digitally enhanced, while retaining the rawness of the original. It was in this manner that Goddess Yoni Art was created and thousands of Goddess Yonis were born.

Art from the Heart.

The energy within each and every Goddess Yoni offers honor, respect and love to every woman, everywhere. May you find one or more to give you solace and peace, and may all your dreams come true.