Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

Angels ~ You’re all freakin angels

Angels have been hearing my cries of help ~ for example, please help me figure out how to do publishing! Please help me learn marketing! Kindly help me get myself out of the way and just let this Activator Art be born! And oh! Sweet Mary ~ they are here!

For instance, angels have come in the form of a dear friend who is a branding genius, helping me redesign the covers my coloring books because my new ones were pretty blah. And she explained if they’re blah no one would ever pick up to find their treasure inside (the coloring books and themselves in relation to them!) Similarly, I have another angel who is a marketing megastar give me 2.5 hours of his precious time to share what it takes to become more stable in an industry that could eat me alive, me being a tender young artist with no marketing experience what-so-ever. I cannot believe the gold he gave me! Oh no, wait, I believe! I believe! And then a third angel was discovered when I found out an acquaintance owned a local printing/business consulting company, and was someone I could completely trust with my naiveté, vision and goals. In just 2 meetings she has become a dear new friend who is the perfect mentor for my new business, and her kind and generous spirit has infused me with new insights & possibilities!

Yes, the angels are revealing themselves, in skin, one by one. I am focusing on the next angels appearing at the right and perfect time. The angels that will reveal the best ways to start a Kickstarter campaign, show me how to create videos & a YouTube channel, perhaps even attract a venture capitalist to help me with my growing pains. And I am forever blessed by the angels in my life that I already get to know and be with, who remind me what’s important in life, to breathe, to find gratitude in the already beautiful existence I get to live. And that Dreams. Come. True.

I am releasing the dreaded “How’s” again, and focusing on the end results. No more, “How am I going to ….?” My days are filled with the visions of Goddess Yoni Art being the symbol of the new paradigm of women rising up in every sector of business, politics, law, health, the arts, and society. A new world of women and men being equal, loving and respectful. A beautiful marriage of the Goddess symbol embracing the Sacred & Divine in women and the Yoni symbol reflecting the Seat of Humanity’s Love & Creation. I believe we are all birthing this ‘Baby’ together, this brave new way of living in harmony, and I pray my Goddess Yoni Art might celebrate this transition. Because this world is forming, and I believe it is happening. Right. Freaking. Now.

To sum up, YOU are one of my angels! I am so grateful for your reading, and for all of your loving support. I am deeply grateful for all you do to make this world a kinder and gentler place.

Goddess Bless.