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 Start an INDIEGOGO campaign? ME???

I am reaching out and finding new ways in which I can my Goddess Yoni Coloring Books to centers where wimmin are in recovery from alcohol & drug addiction, receiving help for surviving domestic violence, sexual assault and/or human trafficking. 


There is so much research out there supporting the theory of traumatized wimmin not being able to have spiritual healing from meditation. It makes sense.

As a womon in early recovery, I was unable to close my eyes and follow my breath because the minute I did, my trauma would instantly surface in my mind. But art therapy changed my life. And when I started creating sacred art in a therapy setting, back in the early ’90’s in Eugene, OR, I could literally feel my heart coming back to life.

I was drawing and coloring and painting images of free, healthy and spiritually beautiful wimmin in natural settings. I discovered sacred symbology & it uplifted everything! It calmed my mind, enabled me to take deeper breaths, and become more fully aware of being in the present moment.  It saved my life.

My heart & soul is involved in my being able to give back. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the people supporting me in this endeavor by sharing their expertise in business, web design, financial contributions and thru purchasing my coloring books, prints, clothing & pillows and more on my zazzle line. This enables me to find ways to affordably give either money &/or coloring books to these centers so that wimmin can actually use the art therapy & sacred symbol of the Goddess Yoni to heal. 

This is my life’s work. And I could not do it with out you. 

Of course all wimmin can have FUN with the coloring books, and some can even feel more empowered by creating entirely new Goddess Yoni’s of their own. So these coloring books are easily available on my website, and in several retail places in and around Northern Arizona. I’ll keep working on that end too because the sales of these coloring books help me give 11% back to the wimmins centers. All proceeds are going that way…

So I am looking into creating an Indiegogo campaign to help me support myself while I look for creative ways to get these coloring books in to the hands of brave wimmin fighting their way back to a divine & healthy life. Indiegogo feels like a good next step, and I have had truly expert advice on how to get started. (Sooo grateful!) Please stay tuned! And share this if you can = Major help!

Again, thank you for all of your support ~ You help save my life on the daily. XO