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Bessie from Baltimore

Most of my adult life has been about learning to live in a more compassionate way, for me. This includes not eating animals, or using them in any other way, shape or form. I’ve slowly given up leather, wool, silk, etc. and I am so the happier for it. I no longer try to explain to others what I eat or what they should or shouldn’t eat, but I will always share with them who I defend.
This reminded me of Bessie.

Most everyone has seen horrible footage of slaughterhouses, or at least are aware of them in their periphery. But the first time I ever saw a live cow I will never forget it. The love shining out of her eyes, (I named her Bessie, as I saw her at the side of the road & could just pretend) is something I will never forget. I just wanted to be with her forever! I simply cannot name the emotion I was feeling ~ the guilt over eating cows in the past, wearing their skins, etc. And here was the being of light and love looking at me with the deepest and most profoundest of love. I was, and am always, humbled.
And I vowed to always be a voice for sentient beings just like her.

Being a vegan is alot easier these days. As more people find out what it is industry does to procure products from animals, they instantly are horrified and change on the spot. Plus, there are so many fabulous alternatives to meat, milk, cheese, leather and the like, that people simply prefer them. So I felt blessed when I realized I could continue &/or expand being a voice by painting my friends. And thus my newest series was born.

We had our very first VegFest here in Sedona January 14-15, and I was honored to be a small part of a huge effort. The festival was a tremendous success! AND, my Bessie From Baltimore painting sold in a mere 4 hours to a lovely couple from Canada. I was able to contribute to our movement in a way that I’d never done before, and yes, I was a proud momma! But. I miss Bessie! I really truly loved bithing that painting unlike any other.
So. I guess I need to make more ~ Weeee!

To be continued…. Thanks for stopping by dearone!