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BhaktiFest Winner!

BhaktiFest ~ Joshua Tree, California ~ here I come!


I won a photo entry contest of myself meditating at the main stage altar, at the first BhaktiFest 10 years ago, and it feels like going next week will be a big shift in the direction of my ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing that I have been using while waiting for my biz partner/marketing wiz to materialize. {Biz Wiz ~ love it!} I printed up1500 Goddess Yoni postcards to give out, because so many of my tribe will be there, it’ll be fun, and I’ll meet more peeps if I have a mission. And I so love Bhaki yogis and yoginis! Actually, and of course, I love ALL yogis and yoginis, but I must say, the ones who come to the high desert for the week really ring my bells. So blessed to go, so blessed to introduce young peeps to ancient, sacred yoni symbology and divine Goddess imagery… just very blessed.

So looking forward diving deep within & to the intense altered consciousness and transformations I’ll get to experience too with 36 straight hours of kirtan, sadhana & fellowship. I know when I go to the Bhav, I am never the same when I leave. I am so ready for my next chapters in life!

I did mention I am blessed?!?

Thanks for reading DearOne ~ many, many blessings to you and thru you.

P.S. The winning entry 🙂 Jai Ma!