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B’more Bessie 2 @ Sedona Arts Center

You know how it feels when there is a lot of new and exciting things happening in your life all at once? It’s crazy, and wonderful and dizzying all at once, right? That’s been my lifefor the past few months but I realize deep down inside it’s just life and I am so blessed to being living my little life way over here!. Well Bessie #2 was born of all that and while I feel she deserved more time and attention, she was the best I could do and I love her all the same. She was unveiled last evening at the 2017 Sedona Arts Center annual fundraiser ~ 12 x 12, along with about 100 other local and divine artists here in Northern AZ. It was such a fun evening! How I, Sheron Foster, little ole me,  gets to live in a town like this, with a partner like mine, doing art, art and more art, is beyond me sometimes… I am incredibly honored to be a part of all this! Bessie will be on display thru the weekend until the show is over, and I would love if she finds a new home so I can donate the sale price to the arts center, but if she comes home tomorrow with me too, well, just yay! Happy Mom’s Day everyone!