Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

Closer to fine…

I started painting as a very young girl, and looked forward to every time I could color in my coloring books, or watercolor, or draw.
 It made me feel so alive! 
After high school, I allowed life demands and fears of failure to tamper my passion and I stopped using my creativity for art pieces and channeled it into less satisfying endeavors.
 (Home decorating, card making, yoga class flyers, etc.)
 Well 2 years ago, as I was contemplating semi-retirement from being a yoga instructor, my love for creating art came flowing in to fill the void in my life. 
I completely loved teaching yoga full time for almost 20 years, but I was just tired and needed change. 
Painting stepped back in and it almost felt like I had never stopped, although there were plenty of rude awakenings too! 
I had stopped, and I didn’t know where to begin again. 
With my husbands loving support, & amazing classes at the Sedona Art Center, (mentioned on my page ‘about’) I have finally transitioned back into doing what I love as much or is it possible? even more than yoga! 
Now if I could just learn how to take better pictures of my work!
I am learning! {Practice, Sheron. Practice!}
With my beloved teacher Bob Burridge
Sedona Arts Center
May 2013