Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

Getting Ready for 2017!

You know how you can get really excited when you start doing something challenging but fun? I’m starting a full scale, well as full scale as one woman can do, marketing plan today… I am determined to get my precious 
Goddess Yoni’s out there to the Grrlz who resonate with them. It really feels like the right time to move forward with this, 
so I can start off 2017 on the right foot.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is helping me too. 
They have a program called S.C.O.R.E. which stands for Senior Corps of Retired Executives. These kind and talented wise ones help aspiring business people get their feet on the ground with their new business, and helps them cover all the bases so there is a greater chance for success. 
I need ALL the help I can get! 
Oy vey, everything seems as foreign to me with this greeting card, and eventually oracle card biz, as being on Mars… Everyday my mind stretches well beyond what I think my capacity is for learning ~ and then there’s always more. I am so grateful that the Northern Arizona branch of S.C.O.R.E is willing to help and is setting me up with my own mentor & coach. 
It’s a kind universe out there…!

Meanwhile, throughout the month of December, my very first exhibit of Goddess Yoni Art Prints and Giclees are on exhibit at the Feminine Vibration Goddess Circle Show, here in Sedona at The Hub. I am so humbled and proud to be with this most deeply talented group of artists, the show is phenomenal! I hope if you’re in town you have a chance to stop by. {Call ahead for hours}

I hope everyone is having happy holidaze so far, and get a chance to enjoy this incredible full moon tonight… the energy this year is incredibly deep and dark, don’t you find? A quiet time of the year for deep reflection and releasing of those things that no longer serve, forgiving self and others, and sincere expressions of gratitude. I am bidding a fond but very final farewell to 2016. 
I mean, whew! See ya ’16!

Many blessings to you, and thanks as always for stopping by! 
Big Love!