Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

Goddess Cards readying to go!

I am so excited!
My very first batch of Goddess Yonis cards have arrived, I’ve assembled them with their protective wrappers and I love them!
Last night I shared them with some dear friends and lovely people at an ILLUMINATE Film Festival shindig here in Sedona, and received the most warm and wonderful reception. I received several orders and they are even going to be available in a exquiste giftshop that is adjacent to the world reknown McLean Meditation Center! I am feeling quite hopeful that the vision I was given for my art being able to help wimmin heal &/or celebrate their divine nature is really beginning to blossom, and I can now share these with whomever resonates with the love inherent in images of the Goddess and the Sacred Yoni… Thank you Goddess!
Last week at John and my annual Holiday Open Studio, I had enlarged and matted and framed this Goddess Yoni above, and the first woman into my studio, saw it, started to cry and bought it right then and there. I am always so humbled and feel so priviledged that this work can have a heart opening &/or cleansing effect with a dear si*star… This is the 4th time this has happened, in what feels like a very short time (3 years) and since all my energy and focus is now on these Goddess Yoni’s, that this really is the artwork I am being guided to do. And because I love it so much ~ it is healing ME ya’ll! There are so many layers to the magic, mystery and magnificience of wimmin that I know I am just being used as an artist to contribute that which some might find helpful. All I know is I am driven to this and after all these years, I’ve found something that keeps me sane and whole and happy to share.
I better get back to work, I need pages in here so anyone interested in the cards will be able to find what they want. I am such a rookie, and have so much to learn to do this right…. eek! I am completely trusting the Universe to help me learn what’s necessary, and to share this unfolding of this business with. For the highest good of all. 
So stinkin’ blessed!!!!