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Goddess Yoni Meditation & Dream

Dear Hearts,

I’ve been working on a big project for the past year, well, big for me. I am working to have my Goddess Yoni Coloring Books available for use by Art Therapists in facilities where women are doing healing work. Places like domestic abuse shelters, alcohol & addiction rehabilitation centers, eating & body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) healing centers, sex trafficking survivor healing shelters and more.

In my own recovery, there were times when to meditate meant to invite traumatic images to surface too quickly whenever I closed my eyes. Meditation, something known to create peace and reduce stress, was not available to me because of this. But I found that whenever I was doing art, any kind of art, I was able to relax, be in the moment, get into a stress reducing zone, and consequently I felt profoundly better. This helped greatly in my eventual ability in practicing meditation, and recovering from my ptsd.

As you might remember from previous posts here, or from our relationship in life, I have continued to recover from post traumatic stress, (it’s a pesky bastard to eliminate completely it seems). About five years ago I started doing Goddess Yoni art to heal myself ~ and there I was in the ‘zone’ again. But even more, other women reprorted healing aspects from observing my work as well. Through my practice of meditation, I’ve had many epiphanies in regards to creating my Goddess Yonis, and the most persistant has been the urge to follow this dream of helping other women. Women who may not be able to meditate, who might want to use their creativity in an empowering way by using words, colors and more to make a Goddess Yoni creation in their own glorious style. Hence, my coloring book dream was born.

This is true “Activation Art” ~ art that initiates a sense of connection to Spirit, healing, a sense of awe… but I only create & suggest the blueprint here. It is not complete until another adds their touch with their crayons, watercolors, markers, etc. ~ Allows the Goddess to create through their minds, hearts and hands. Creating sacred Yoni symbolism. Diving into a sweet inner realm where healing, love and empowerment are tapped.

Or, just create some yummy, sassy, wimmins lives affirming, femininist, or lady-loving art! (Insert your favorite label here) Goddess Yonis Rock!

My mission continues in January. I start reaching out to places of love and healing for women, (women in particular, but not exclusively) to see how I might be able to work with them in their art therapy programs. That’s Phase One. (Phase Two will be more retail outlets.)

Any advice, thoughts, professional connections or inquiries, please and thank you!

Meanwhile, I’m activating my-own-self and spirit for 2019, and more light and love for all.

Goddess bless! & Yoni Power!