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Goddess Yoni * Sacred Women * Power Gathering

  Goddess Yoni Sacred Activation Gathering

Well, Now Camp ~ Kenyon College ~ Gambier, Ohio

I had the best time and can report that this inaugural womens camp founded by Jane Esselstyn and Jillian Gibson (https://www.wellnowcamp.com) was a freaking amazing success for fun, sacred sisterhood, plant based whole food deliciousness, creativity and so, so much more. We had yoga, dance, hiking, swimming, cooking demos, creative writing, improvisation, arts and crafts, talent show, speakers and presenters from outta this world! I was so honored to present my Goddess Yoni Sacred Activation workshop Saturday ~ we women raised the roof! Wowza!!!


Meeting and sharing with these women was one of the great highlights of my life thus far. I connected with true visionaries and we loved each other right where we are on our individual journeys ~  this kind of spontaneous experience is always one of the best experiences in life. We laughed, cried, evolved and transformed. And I am so blessed to be invited to go back next year as well! Yes, Please & Thank You!!!

In July I am preparing for some additional events coming up in 2019, I’m hoping to enlist a sacred feminine art agent soonly, working on the Goddess Yoni Oracle Deck and more!

And as always, continuing to ask Great Spirit to help me continue to create these Goddess Yonis when I am in a gathering of women helping, empowering or loving other women… that’s where all the power lies. Doing pen and ink sketching in these groups is the answer to my creative prayers, and then later digitally enhancing the drawings and combining them with strong quotes from famous women and women who deserve to be famous ~ well, you’ve heard me say it or write it before ~ I am truly blessed. 

It truly makes me feel like a phoenix rising from the flames sometimes… knowing a huge part of me died in my old life from pain, trauma and abuse; and that I was reborn into a creative life where this art heals me and others who have experienced abuse as well. That’s exactly why I feel blessed ~ I should be dead from all I’ve been through but I am not. And I have found love, beauty and serenity in my life. A true gift from beyond. So onward and upward! The best is yet to come!

Blessings to  you and thru you,



Photo credits: Crile Hart