Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.


I love this digital age ~ it’s how I do a lot of my art, it keeps me connected,
I learn so much {Google IS my University!}etc…
I’m a creative Crone who doesn’t really understand half of what I’m doing. It took 10+ hours of my Saturday to setup an Instagram account, because my meditations and intuitions guided me there in unmistakable ways, and it always behooves me to pay attention… but omg/s! My brain was so fried last night ~
but then, after what seemed like a full semester @ college, something finally clicked…and it all worked & became so fun! {Thank you goddess!}
I have been at a standstill with my ‘Goddess Yonis: Wisdom From Everyday Wimmin’ ~ book project, because
1. I don’t know what the hey hey I’m doing &
2. even tho I have been given incredible help & connections from a dear friend/best selling author & a couple connections in the literary world,
I still wasn’t going anywhere, fast.
This idea to get followers (?) and attention on InstaGram,  felt divine in origin. (and yes all thoughts are, but you know how some ideas seem like they are in neon lights? Yeah, the ‘do not look away’ ones? It was like that!)
And at least makes me ‘feel’ like I’m doing something constructive!
And anyway, after 3 years of this creation, I can’t just give up!
I am so excited to be actually pairing my GoddessYonis with the quotes I have curated for this book project. The wimmin I am honored to quote are so freakin extraordinarily inspiring! And I am just so high from writing them with the GY’s I select to highlight with them ~ This is pure bliss!
“In the quiet stillness of your heart you can hear your Grandmother’s voice. Listen. Her wisdom shines in the Light of the stars.”– Grace Alvarez Sesma
So I am plowing forward ~ again I never know where ANYthing will lead, but I must answer Spirit’s call ~ it’s always where my healing and happiness lie…
even if it is scary cause I don’t have a child or grandchild to show me
what’s what in this brave new world!
(But then there ARE Divine Daughters to think of reaching in other, older wayz…)
Many blessings,
To you and thru you,
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