Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

I so love Autumn!

Such an interesting phenomenon, but I have always felt like I can SEE better in the fall. I have no idea what that is about, but there it is. I also love the focus of ‘Back to School’ although for me it is more ‘Back to Learning’, since I’ve pretty much ignored academia in lieu of freer pursuits.
Anyway, learning art in the digital age, while keeping myself immersed in multi-media painting and pen & ink drawing, feels very much like being in school ~ I just want to learn and experience it all!
My new portfolio, if you will, up on Instagram & Facebook are doing very well and I just love posting the Goddess Yoni’s with the empowering quotes from wimmin  from every class, ethnicity and spiritual bent.
{New handle: #goddess.yoni.sheroni }
Things are def moving forward at a pace I can still handle. So grateful!
I have a nice inventory of Sedona Soul, Yoni & Heart Maps available as well. {I can’t stop making them, they are so fun, fluid and fascinating while creating!} If interested, peeps can access thru photos here and on Sheron Foster Fine Art on fb, or can view in person @ our annual open studio in November. Or just contact me… I don’t have any gallery representation, yet, so this is what’s working for me now. {Perhaps I should go out and show the portfolio around to some galleries? Maybe in time…  I can keep prices low!}
Meanwhile, just finished these 11″x14″ Sedona HeartMaps today ~
“Together Again” is sold already
{I love when peeps just stop by & buy!}
but the others are available for $175. each plus S&H.
Please let me know if I can create or ship something for you!
All sizes, colors, etc. ~ As always, please excuse the shoddy photography, all are on black backgrounds without the bluish glare…
Thank you so much for checking in ~ It means so much and I am grateful for you! Many blessings, always & all ways!