Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

I’ll look back and Laugh

The very best thing about the Ultimate Womens Trade Show, was the ride John and I took around Phoenix Sunday morning before day 2. No lie ~ the trade show was a bomb. But the Phoenix Street Art ~ Ecstatic! Chalking this one up for experience bought and paid for…

Meanwhile, This Happened! 

My ever so delightful Engine 2 executive director Laurie Kortowich secretly bought many mugs from my webstore and surprised me and the team in Asheville at our recent Whole Foods employee Immersion! The whole team received one and I was just so deeply touched by her sweet show of support ~ what freakin trade show?!? {Love you Laurie!}

Artist & Activist Jennifer Epperson, founder & owner of Studio 61


created this amazing room divider for one of her clients recently. I’m learning artist licensing and such, and sometimes feel so  overwhelmed with all I have to learn. However the Universe has always surrounded me with the highest and best frequency folks, and when I remember this I’m fine. And I Love to Learn! After all, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

But the things I am wanting to learn are truly ‘out there’. I want to create a serious amount of new inventory in my webstore/zazzle store.


I’d love to add to my collection of shirts, pillows and more ~ starting with bedding. I’d like to reach out to some clothing companies about a Goddess Yoni design & possible collaboration / trademarked series. I want to complete my Goddess Yoni Oracle Card series ~ it’s taking me quite a number of years to  see this particular project thru. And just so many more ideas!

So those are just some thoughts and recent highlights in my little life as an artist. I love writing these down because I know how completely terrified I can feel on some days when I think of all I want to do, but I know some day I will look back and laugh at my silly self. It’s all in the hands of the Goddess! 

Blessed Be,