Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

Knowing when I need help ~ A Goddess Yoni blessing in disguise.

This older Goddess Yoni is a true representation of how I’m feeling these days ~ like a little grrl ~ but in a good way. I know I’m a badass grown womon. However at the start of a new project, when I’m on a steep learning curve, I like to nurture the younger babe inside me that is stretching to grow and evolve and follow her dreams.

It’s also so good to acknowledge, at least for me, when I don’t have a clue what I’m doing! And do I know what I’m doing launching my Goddess Yoni Art out to the world? Hell no! I need help! I need a business partner who can handle all the more business aspects of growing my brand: production, distribution, marketing and more ~ to share the vision, the calling to support wimmin and the profits from all the labors of love.

I see her! She’s a good bit younger, a tech Queen, with a successful background in business law, or art, or law… someone who might be tired of her current career and who wants to disversify more into growing a women co-owned busines dedicated to loving, empowering and healing wimmin. She’s an advocate for wimmin, children and animals. She is immersed in her own spiritual journey and knows that healing art compliments her life in significant ways ~ and desires to impact the world with her own stunning wisdom, experiences and creativity. She is the angel who knows exactly how to help me take my healing and empowering love drenched art to the next level, and is completely open to receive all the good she helps create from this work.

Wimmin can do it all. But we no longer have to. We can & do work together ~ better a village than alone. Plus, it’s so much more fun creating together than in solitude, yes?

So I am sending out my message for my new partner. This is my dharma: healing art. This is my mission: use my art as activation for wimmin to support their spiritual, loving and creative journeys to more wholeness, serenity and peace. Is this your dharma/ &/or mission, too?

I see her… is it you?