Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

New Series ~ Sedona Heart Maps


I have created these Sedona Heart Maps ~ an off~shoot of my Sedona Soul Maps, as a continuing exploration into the world of trataka. You may probably know that the sanskrit word trataka means the practice of open gaze meditation, or for some, third eye activation. I have always loved using candles or mandalas, or some such sacred sight as the stars or the ocean for example, whenever I’ve practiced trataka in the past, and have always delighted in the blissful sensations during and after each meditation.
However more recently, I have been using my very own heart map, the one I gave John this past Valentines, which is in situ in my meditation space, {pictured} as my new favorite resting spot for my gaze. It’s nearly impossible to tell from a 2-D photograph, but the paintings are almost 3-D, in that the texture rises from the canvas, and sometimes can appear to shape shift during the meditation! I originally thought & felt guided to offer to collectors that the lines, shapes, and colors in the maps invite the viewer to travel along the webstrings & empty the mind with each deepening breath, or maybe notice memories from life appear & then release them, or some similar Vedic practice. But now, maybe because of the high vibrational qualities of, perhaps, my intentions and prayers that I offer with each painting, there may be more here happening than what meets the eye. I am definitely feeling lifted by this experience of using this heart map in my practice, and the altered state I feel is both welcomed and a little trippy, for lack of a better word. But always I seem to travel deeply within, and there is always a gift… It seems most auspicious to be the recipient of my own intention of sharing love thru creating this painting ~
I’ve realized a true expression of instant karma, trying to give away love only gave it back to me. Through me! How freakin cool! {Thank you Spirit!}
As I continue with a new series of these Sedona Heart Maps, I will also continue my daily meditation & journaling  practice, integrating more trataka, and thus allowing myself to go & grow deeper. I am so grateful art & beauty are becoming broader doorways for me to delve further into myself, and that I can continue to create and release these maps into the world ~ whether for you or for me or for whomever! I LOVE how we all are here for each other! Thank you so much for your gift of reading, and all you do in the world for peace.