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O Holy All That Is Sacred ~ My new Art/Godess Yoni website & store is LIVE!

I must give a shout out to The Myss Miranda Agency in Northern Arizona! I would not have the new sleek look of my wordpress website if not for her expertise and glamorous self! John and I have been going thru some real hell with the world of medicine recently, and that was excruciating ~ but I was also halfway thru creating the next step in my Goddess Yoni launch & Miranda was the angel that showed up to help me continue. There would be no way I would be able to do all this by myself and there are people who are patiently waiting to buy greeting cards, art and even some things from the new store that is creating my Goddess Yoni designs on their merch! {Thank you guys!} And Zazzle! Who knew???? I surely didn’t!

Well yay, the wait is over! I am officially live!

I of course have still so much to learn, I don’t even know if I will be able to post this without her help, but I’m eager to learn. I hope there is a good response to the merchandise on here and on the Zazzle site, I wanna feel like I’m contributing something positive & beautiful to the wimmins movement ~ hopefully uplifting & empowering as well. What is more empowering than the sacred yoni? I do not know… but I am only one, and I need others who resonate with this divine symbology to let me know if there is something that I can design for them. I so wish to be of service in this way… Time will tell.

But for now, please help me celebrate this accomplishment that’s occurring thru one of the most difficult times in John’s and my life. We are both profoundly affected by art, as I am sure you are as well, and working on this project has been a true goddess-send. Something that has truly helped keep my spirits up. I humbly hope it lifts you, in any small way, too. Blessings & Blissings, to you & thru you.












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