Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.


Loosing Myself to the Process

I have worked with women in trauma for over 40 years.

I want to thank Sheron Foster for her Goddess Yoni adult coloring books. Women of all ages have responded with delight to the drawings. I have used it in group settings as a mindfulness and grounding practice. Many of the women I work with have been caretakers and overloaded with stress. As one woman stated “coloring and loosing myself to the process, somehow helped me get calm and focus on me. Connecting to myself is helping me connect in healthy ways to others."

Brava Sheron for your creative gift and inspiration.

Peg Coleman ... Advocate and former director Utah Coalition against DV

Map of the Vibrancy of Love

Each heart is a visual map of the vibrancy of Love. Each Yoni shakes a little more of me out loud, always accompanied by delight. Each new work brings colors and forms alive in me and feelings arise by simply standing in its light. What more could an artist possibly hope for?

Adell Shay, Sedona, AZ

From Her Soul and Touches Mine

Sheron's art comes from her soul and touches mine.

Thank you, sweet girl, for following your dreams.

Ella Jankowiak, Baltimore, MD

Brilliant, inspired!!

Sheron, wow!!! Brilliant, inspired!! You rock!!

Amy Morrison, Boyds, MD


More refined, more complex, more delightful all the time.

Sunday Larson, Sedona, AZ

Heart and Soul

Totally From the heart & soul.

Tina Renee Noonan, Natick, MA

Love & Light

Sheron, there is so much love & light in your painting. It is the energy that is so remarkable and it's definitely coming through your brush stroke loud and clear.

Monnie Ramsell, Sedona, AZ

Amazing Talent

So glad that awesome, amazing talent of yours is being noticed & enjoyed by many.

Nancy Nies Klag, Baltimore, MD


So Very Beautiful.

Janelle Johansen, Sacramento, CA

Tears Welled Up

Sheron speaks the language of the soul through her artistry.

I knew a piece was meant for me when tears welled up, and I couldn't walk away... Beautiful, soul touching, heart inspiring work!

Manette Kristine Hansen, Sedona, AZ

Let Your Soul Soar

I just love your Art. You definitively have your own style. Keep creating. Let your soul soar. PEACE.

Michael Keith DeWitt, Dundalk, MD

Creativity BE Shining

Beautiful! Dear Sheron, Yes! Your Creativity BE Shining.

Rev. June Juliet Gatlin, Culver City, CA

So WOW, In Every Way

FANTASTIC show!!! Absolutely loved it, loved your pieces. So WOW, in every way. Your work is absolutely smashing, Sheron.

Pash Galbavy, Sedona, AZ

Blowing My Mind

This Goddess Yoni artwork is blowing my mind ~ I. Love. It! I don't know why I'm crying...

Jane Esselstyn, Cleveland, OH

Hang in a Place of Honor

I adore this painting. It shall hang in a place of honor in my studio. Thank you for your art. Wonderful. Hugs & blessings.

John Soderberg, Sedona, AZ

Empowering, & Uplifting

Sheron Foster & her art exemplifies the freedom of creative, soulful expression, which happens to also be visually stunning & beautiful, empowering, & uplifting.

Marguerite Baca, Los Angeles, CA

Power and Strength

I feel both joy and a lightness when I look at some of your yonis. Others convey a feeling of power and strength for me.

Annette McGregor, Racine, Wisconsin


I LOVE YOUR ART!!! Each one is amazing and inspirational!

Deb Teramani, Roland Park, MD


...just looking at them, I always experience a little piece of freedom and deeper understanding of myself & the world. Each piece has a soul and energy if its own. I've watched your work TRANSFORM not only itself, but others over the years, as well. Grateful to get to experience your art!

Rebecca Griffin, Sedona, AZ