Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.



I am having such a wonderful reception for my new Sedona Heart Maps!
They are selling so well, and I feel so blessed that the collectors are inspired by the intention of using these paintings for TRATAKA, the open eyed meditation & Third Eye Activation technique that is thousands of years old and a mainstay of my own Ayurvedic self care.  Recently, this July, my 2 largest Sedona Heart Maps were bought at the grand opening of the Sedona Wellness Center, where one remains in situ! Honored, beyond honored!
Also this past July, I had the mind blowing experience of having a bidding war on my offering of a Sedona Soul Map @ the Orlando Fundraising Silent Auction @ the annual Big Gay Art Show here in Sedona! Whadda what????? Squee!
August marks the annual Sedona Arts Center’s Members Co-op, and I could not be more excited this year. Last year at this event was the very first time I exhibited an entire show of one series of paintings, my Sedona Soul, Life & Heart Maps. This year I will be debuting my Sedona Yoni Maps ~ and I am so ecstatic! My intention is to offer these to help deepen meditation practices, but I keep hearing that they are just beloved for the art of them, regardless of the dual purpose. My little artist heart is so full! I have never had such fun doing my art as I have with this series, and it just fills me with joy that they are connecting with others. Plus, my studio is only so big, and I need to keep moving them out so I have space! 🙂
Once again, I just am so wickedly blessed, and I hope my offerings can help someone go deeper, and just breathe a little easier, for even a few moments.
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