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Small Works Exhibit at S.A.C.

I swear I will not be crowing about every little painting that sells,
 but I am just feeling incredibly validated in my new explorations
 of watercolor, and this is my very time seling not 1 but 2! painting from a fine art gallery!
  {My painting have always only sold at special exhibits, installations in public spaces and from my studio ~ this is deliciously NEW!}
 My 2 newest painting were entered into the Small Works
  exhibit at the Sedona Arts Center. We were permitted just one, 
and my first was Olivia. (1st picture below). 
It sold in 3 days, and so they generouslyallowed me to replace my entry, 
and I did so with Samantha. (picture #2).
  It sold today, January 11th, one of my favorite days of the year because of the numbers being sacredly tripled 1/11 🙂



 Anyway, I am getting busy to replace this one, and because I have 2 more exhibits coming up in February! Oh I feel so blessed and thankful there are people who resonate with my wimmin.
{And thank YOU DearHeart!}