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Solstice Happiness!

There is nothing more pleasurable than knowing my work is bringing happiness to someone ~ and I had such a bonus today! Wonderful collectors from our recent open studios returned, with friends, and 3 more paintings found new homes. Counting the 6 from the open studios, 9 paintings are hopefully contributing in a small way to others in a way only art can do ~ I truly feel so blessed! This holiday season has been amazing so far, and it ‘ain’t over yet!’  🙂
Working steadily on my Goddess/Yoni book too, and am well on my way with the art, but need to now get busy with selecting the poetry and quotes from wimmin around the world, and all through time, to compliment the work. I think I’m delaying this part of the project because I know there will be so much outstanding and inspiring work to choose from that I will be up to my ears in decisions that will be horrendous to make. So many wimmin inspire and uplift me, it kind of like that old saying, “So many men, so little time.”  Then it morphed to, “So many books, so little time.” Now I’ll have “So many brilliant wimmin, so little time!” I love it! But I still need to get started….
So for now, so long my lovelies, {my artwork 🙂 } and many thanks and blessings to all the wonderful collectors who have contributed to keeping me and my work flowing this past year ~
I am grateful beyond measure. Sending lots of love and light to all for a wonderful 2016!