Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

SoulMaps & SoulTribe

Leaving for a
holiday in a few hours, but needed to take some moments to share here because I am so happy to be so busy with new directions in my art, and I haven’t written in a while….. My new, intuitive SoulMaps
are resonating with my friends and collectors, and I simply love them! 2
were bought during our 2nd annual open studios and silly me, I haven’t
even a photo… but I can get some later as the collectors are dear friends, whew! This series is also being
considered for an installation at a wonderful restaurant in West Sedona ~
I’ll add more details as they develop. (Squee!)

Also, had a fabu time live painting at the BhaktiTribe Sedona’s recent kirtan with the amazing Durga Das ~ so exciting! I. will. never. forget. this. honor. Pure love from John and friends helping me create with such intensity; wonderful interplay between the divinely gifted musicians and the spiritually & serenely focused audience: and alot of prayers and sweat from excitement from me ~ truly a night to remember forever and another check off on the ole bucket list! I guess I have really no words for this but I am deeply grateful for this experience and we raised serious coin for BhaktiTribe!

I want to thank John for all his wonderful support, love and inspiration this past year, I would be nowhere with my art without him spurring me on. I want to thank the generous collectors of my work, you humble me so. And many blessings and gratitude to my family & friends who put up with me and my peccadillos’ ~ this artlove is slowly taking over my life! 
Happy holidays to all & see you next in 2015! Love on!