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Thank You! & Goddess Yoni Coloring Book, Vol 2!

Dearest Goddess and Yoni lovers ~ I so need to thank you for your support! {Financially, physically, emotionally, soulfully and spiritually!}

~~~ THANK YOU!!! ~~~

The word is getting out about the Goddess Yoni Coloring Book, Vol. 1, & it’s all because of You! I am so grateful to be part of the tribe of people who feel that the yoni, or the goddess and/or the ‘goddess yoni’ symbols, if I may, are part of the answer to the inequality present in the world because of the powers that be in our patriarchal and misogynist culture.

We live in a great time of change ~having iconic wimmin out on the front lines today, spreading the word of our new paradigms that are arising: Think #MeToo and #TimesUp! Or of Oprah on the Golden Globes, with her stellar acceptance speech receiving her most deserved Cecil B. DeMille award! The upcoming Phase 2 of the Women’s March… and ALL the other small, large and very significant actions happening all around us, everyday. Our momentum is robust and growing and truly inspirational!

I have learned in my life that art and songs and books and film are all part of a necessary conversation that creates change. Well I could not be more grateful that my small contribution of the ‘Goddess Yoni’ symbols are helping not only me emerge with my art as a critical part of change, but it’s helping other wimmin, as well…!  I see these GYCB’s as part of a significant way for the wimmin using them to celebrate who we are, heal where we need to and grow creatively & spiritually as is our birthright. No more shame in being the glorious, beautiful wimmin we all are! No more inequality in pay, sexuality and power! The world needs us, all of us, right now ~ and I am psyched!

You may remember I started doing these Goddess Yoni’s in healing circles of wimmin as part of my own healing and emergence, my art sketches being my conduit of smashing my chrysalis and becoming the butterfly I am meant to be. I so desperately needed to find my voice, my art and my dharma for my time here in life with all of you, and the wimmin helping and loving wimmin in those circles helped me, like I’ve never been helped before. My experience is that what wimmin band together to do together is momumentally important, and there is no life without us being happy, whole and completely who we are. I would never stay away from my beloved healing and loving circles,{for now I get to give back!}, and so I can’t stop channeling your glorious love and energy either! The Goddess Yoni’s keep coming to me and thru me ~ thanks to you! {Cue Goddess Yoni Coloring Book ~ Vol.2!}

I have a new collection, ready for the presses in another few weeks and I am so grateful. I want this next book to really help me find a way into the rehabs, hospitals, halfway houses, therapy/healing circles, and anywhere wimmin are healing, growing and reclaiming their whole selves and moving forward on their journeys. I am soooo grateful for the Vol.1 coloring books that are now in the stores, clinics, workshops and homes of wimmin everywhere, mere words cannot express ~ but now in addition I am intending to ignite my own phase 2, if you will, and see if this next coloring book will be appropriate for the spaces mentioned above ~ {perhaps with a more traditional ‘goddess’ image on the cover, and a little less sassy one!}  As you probably know, wimmin recovering from trauma and severe abuse, cannot access the healing inherent in meditaion and other quiet modalities at first because the wounds are so fresh & nightmarish, but they can color, and draw, and create, and access potent healing powers within in this way! {It’s actually how I healed oh so many years ago.}

Therefore my new focus in the art therapy model, is to help relieve these wimmins stressloads by offering empowering images to help reclaim their wholeness, and tap into the wellspring of creativity deep within their hearts, minds and souls.  We need every womon, and every heart on this new journey ahead of us all. And Spirit tells me, this is my contribution… I hope I am successful. Anything to ease another womon’s suffering is all that I can hope to do, and I know you feel exactly the same way.

Thank you for your attention here, I am excited, and running on and on… having you to share and relate with is so meaningful to me. Thank you, for this, and for all you do. You are so loved, so needed and so amazing!

Big Love,