Divine expressions of the great celestial gateway into this magical world.

The beginnings of Goddess Yoni Art ~ divine depression & ptsd…

I find the world to be a deeply mysterious and challenging place at times. Never will I again aspire to think I know what everything is about or for, I simply don’t believe we humans can be privy to such elusive intelligence while here in this life. And I certainly cannot explain all the pain, or all the miracles in my own little life. But bottom line, life is good, but life is still hard.

Goddess Yoni Art was created while trying to heal myself from chronic ptsd in 2013. I experience ptsd from domestic violence and multiple rapes, and while I have spent the better part of 35 years doing deeply effective healing and spiritual work around this, I still have pretty severe depression that can arise anytime.

When I started the artwork, I felt immediate relief from the dark & suffocating symptoms of the depression. I would go to places where women were helping other women ~ that was so key. I needed to be able to feel that energy of safety, of being not alone in the abyss. I could then offer a prayer that whatever I was drawing would please be a Goddess Yoni that would be a creative outlet for my sadness, anxiety and crushing low self-esteem. It was a way for me to use some of my spiritual training and also art therapy to find my way back into a life of more light and love. My depression felt like it was trying to kill me. And so I was inspired to begin this process, and for 6 years now it has been working.

Never did it occur to me that other women would respond to this highly personal practice, but I thank the Goddess every day that they do, that they get it, that I’m not alone. I HATE that misogyny is still so rampant in the world, that there are so many millions of wounded women walking around try to find solace. But while there is, I pray that my Goddess Yoni Art might in some small way be a balm for any pain being experienced.

That’s why I post it on

Instagram, (https://www.instagram.com/goddessyoni/ )

& Facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/sheron.foster/media_set?set=a.10210036028841312&type=3) 

with an uplifting quote by a strong woman, living or past, whose beautiful words can lift my soul and spirits… it’s a free way to give back to the women everywhere who are still healing, helping other women heal, or who might just need a small little lift from a too long day. Also I hope that the sacred symbology of the Goddess with the Yoni will be a empowering piece of art for all women who feel marginalized, misunderstood or invisible. Especially, but certainly not limited to, women of color, lesbian and bisexual women, transwomen, differently-abled women, women of size, women of a certain age ~ just WOMEN!

My depression has come back this summer with a vengeance, so I have been putting any and all energy into my art, along with practicing the modalities I’ve learned over the decades to create a holy and sacred home space where I can rest and renew. I feel like I am also resting up for a broader expression with this work, a new way to get my art to more people. But I’m completely turning that possibility over to a power greater than myself, because that just feels way to big for me to handle on my own. Trusting, as always, that more will be revealed.

It feels like I’ve written about this all before now with a more light-hearted approach, because I guess I felt more healed and whole than I currently feel. It felt important to be writing about where I am and where I’ve been in this blog, cause fuck, it’s been such a long road. I’m tired.

But I certainly know that I am forever indebted to the countless women who love and support me, who care for me in all my wounded and love-warrior ways. There is no way I would even be alive if it weren’t for the endlessly wise and understanding women who always have a hug, a shoulder to cry on, and a simple truth to bring me home to ~ that I am loved, loving, and lovable ~ just the way I am. And that I too, even I, can pass that truth on to another woman. Hopefully with art and words of wisdom from women of our world. And hugs. LOTS of hugs.