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The Only Constant Is Change

“The Only Constant, Is Change.”

One of my life’s greatest truths ~ nothing ever stays the same. It has always felt like a beautiful fact, as well as a terrifying one!

John and I are downsizing our home ~ as in selling it and buying a smaller one, exciting and scary AF. We thought we were already miminmalists, but in the last few months of preparation, I feel we have a whole new experience of that. The one thing that is upsetting is leaving the shipping container art studios we built in the backyard. I am very, very sad to say goodby to them.

However, there are so many benefits to this course of action and we are sooo ready! It also parallels a new direction with my Goddess Yoni series, as I am embarking on a new addition to my work with postcards. {Slowly building up to my Oracle Card deck, which I have been designing since 2016 ~ I cannot wait to debut!} The postcards will sell alongside my greeting card line, and it just feels like the right next thing to do.

After the move this summer, I hope to debut the postcards, along with Volume 2 of my Goddess Yoni Coloring Books. That’s the plan, anyway! We’ll see how the Universe plays along with me! {Or I, with It!} This will all be so much easier when my art/business partner shows up in my life & we can rock on to Stage 2 of my work! 🙂 {Who are you, where are you sweetie?}

So yes, The Only Constant Is Change ~ and there have been huge ones so far this year. Choosing to feel excited, rather than fearful about the near future with moving and my Goddess Yoni Line ~ both emotions feel the same anyway, yes? {Wink wink!}

Big Love To All & Thank You for all your loving support!