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Women’s Voices In Action Day


Bring Your Voice to the Table: Action Space

WooHoo! I've been asked to be part of this inspirational event that is taking over my hometown of Sedona, AZ tomorrow ~ oh what a blessing! The current wave of Women Rising is my greatest dream come true. So many of my sisters and I have been working towards this our entire lives.  Helping women and giving back to the greater community of women is an honor and a privilege. Women helped me rise when I was younger, beaten and broken and being in a position to offer help is always on my radar. I just wouldn't be here if kind and tolerant women hadn't stepped up to mentor me. 'Paying It Forward' is just wo-mandatory in my book! Thank you Goddess! The Verde Valley Sanctuary is a place helping women who find themselves in desperate situations. They are the most compassionate and caring people around. Period. I was so thrilled to learn that the Art Therapy Program they have been wanting to create to  benefit their clientele is starting right now, this January. From what I gathered from meeting with their Development Director, Jennifer Perry last week, is that my sacred art Goddess Yoni's will be a big part of that program. ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!! During this event happening tomorrow, Women's Voices In Action Day, (Created with a lot of women's organizations, but by ILLUMINATE Film Festival, mostly) there will be many things happening, but one event involves an action space where many services to help women will be gathering donations, extending information, and gathering commitments from everyone who wants to help women, in their Bring Your Voice to the Table: Action Space

So with the help of brilliant women at ILLUMINATE I have devised a plan to help with that funding. I will be there offering my new Goddess Yoni Coloring Books, Volumes 1 ~ 3, as donation suggestions for anyone interested in helping the VVS with their Art Therapy program. As you may have read on my blog here before, many women who have been traumatized cannot use meditation as a recovery tool. The very act of closing their eyes and becoming quiet can bring the trauma fresh into theirs minds, re-terrorizing them. But there is a way to help them find respite from the chaos in their minds, & the consequent thinking of fearful and shameful memories. Creating art using sacred feminine imagery, colors & words is very conducive to calming the mind, body & spirit. Women report having deep experiences of peace while using art to express themselves, release trauma and create new pathways in healing and evolving. I had this experience as well as I made my way through my healing when I was younger, and it has contributed greatly to every success in life I've been blessed to experience. Art = Heals!

And this is what the Verde Valley Sanctuary is starting to offer at their facilities for women.

So tomorrow, a patron can buy as many coloring books as they like, and then turn right around and donate them directly to Verde Valley Sanctuary. (Maybe even keep a few for themselves??? 🙂 ) Also, all my proceeds from the sales will go as my donation to VVS. This program is ripe with possibilities for helping women right here in Northern Arizona, so I do hope you'll consider stopping by. And if you can't stop by in person, I will extend this offer online through out the weekend, so just contact me thru my website if you would like to participate.

So, again, if in town, please consider all the wonderful events happening tomorrow and don't forget to stop by and say hi! All information can be found at www.IlluminateFilmFestival.com and on our IFF facebook & instagram pages. Many blessings to all!